How can I link search terms together to create an Advanced Search?

Answered By: Cathy Stead
Last Updated: Jul 01, 2021 Views: 5

In the search box enter the words you want to search for - enter as many words as you like in each box.

Use the drop down menus to choose which part of the item's record to search in. This will feature all the options can you use to narrow your search.

The and dropdown menu will allow you to choose a command on how your search is linked together.

  • And: this is used to make sure this part of your search and any preceding parts of your search are all looked for.
  • Or: this is used to find results that contain either this word or the previous part of your search.
  • Not: this is used to make sure results containing this word are not found.

You can use the  [+] or [-] to add or remove rows in your search.

Remember when searching

Order: The order you type the words in don't matter, if you want to search for a particular phrase you can use "quotation marks."
Common Words: You don't need to enter all the words, just the major ones. This is especially true of words like the or a which are likely to appear in most items records.
Spelling: Make sure you have spelt the words you are looking for right. Some items may have the American spellings of words, color instead of colour for instance. If your original search doesn't turn up a result try changing the spellings.
Wildcard Searching: If you add * at the end of what you are searching for, such as union* it will search for all words that start union like unions, unionise or unionism.