How can I use the Advanced Search option to search for material?

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The standard search function will search everywhere in the Library Catalogue record and look and item of all types and stored anywhere in the library. If you want to search for just the author's name, the item's title or for a particular item type you can use Advanced Search.

Click on the Advanced Search link on the Catalogue

At the top and bottom of the screen your have these three options.

  Search   will submit your search.

  More options    will expand the choice you can make in your Advanced Search

  New Search    will reset the advanced search page.

In the search box enter the words you want to search for, you can enter as many words as you like in each box.

  • Use the Keyword drop down menus to choose which part of the item's record to search in.
  • You can search up to three different  parts of the record and the catalogue will only show items that match all the terms you are looking for. Look in the box to the right for a list of parts of the record you can search.
  • If you want to use more than three search terms or use OR or NOT (Boolean operators) in your search try the More Options advanced search.
  • There are other options to narrow your search on the screen using the below tabs as shown which will limit your search to item type, shelving locations and collections

At the bottom of the screen there are options you can use to restrict your search further.

Date Range: You can limit  to only items published in a particular set of years. You can enter a single year or a range such as 2012 - 2017. You can use open ended ranges such as 2012- for everything published in 2012 or after or - 2015 for everything published in or before 2015.
Language: This is a drop down list of languages that you can choose from. The languages in the list may not reflect what we have in the collection.
Sort: This allows you to choose how your results will be sorted in advance.
Availability: This is tick box that will make your result only include item that aren't on loan.