Can I use Google Scholar instead of Ebsco to find information?

Answered By: Rache Stone
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2021     Views: 11

As an RNN student, you can access our subscription journals through Google Scholar, as well as lots of other free content.

Google Scholar can be accessed at the following address:

  • It is another way to access the EBSCO content provided to you through the library
  • All of the results will be of a reliable scholarly nature, unlike a general web search
  • It provides another way to search for reliable, scholarly material to support your studies.

When you are on campus, sign in to google Scholar  using your Gmail account.

This will then let you have the same access to the ejournals provided to you by the library when you are off campus.

Signing in to Google Scholar gives you the added feature of your own ‘library’. When you find articles you want to read, you can click ‘save’ and these will be saved to your online library for future reference.

Look for the RNN Library resource link to the right of your search results - this will take you to the article you want to read.